The Cheverloo List

Funny how small things remind you of the "kilig"and/or "igat-igat lang gud" days. And even funnier when these reminders come on the same day.

For starters, I sat beside someone from the Army in the jeep this morning. Okay, I said to myself. What a way to remind myself of "eclavu churvaloo", who is away for further military training.

When Epie and I were buying lunch, three Volkswagen Beetles passed by, one after the other. What the???? Hmm... "cheverloo cheverloo," ikaw ba yan?

After lunch, I realized our project manager Alexis was wearing a shirt exactly like "churvaloo ja nai,"the same shirt I so adore, to the point that I like it more than churvaloo actually. LOL!

The drive home was longer since I accompanied Alexis to the car wash first and what was playing on his car? One of the songs "cheverloo never ever" sent me during those days I was bored and he told me that the playlist he sent reminds him of me. Echos!

What a day! What a day!

*kung kaila pag.hilom. if you know, shut up. kung may alam, tumahimik. LOL. itatago natin sila sa mga pangalang stated above.

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